In a city that's stood resilient against the tides of time, we bring you a sartorial salute to survival. Leading fashion houses reimagine the life jacket into lifestyle jackets. These collections stand as a reminder of our changing climate, urging us to adapt with elegance, preparedness, and hope.



With 'Aqua Vanguard', Balenciaga masterfully navigates the crosscurrents of environmental urgency and haute couture, delivering a collection that is both a buoyant testament to resilience and a striking commentary on our times.

Miu Miu

Nautical Nuance

In the 'Nautical Nuance' collection by Miu Miu, Miuccia Prada once again demonstrates her unparalleled genius, weaving together maritime motifs with her signature whimsy. This line is not just a nod to our planet's pressing aquatic challenges, but a testament to Prada's enduring ability to meld timely commentary with timeless fashion.



In Off-White's latest offering, the spirit of the late Virgil Abloh resonates profoundly. With designs co-crafted by a cutting-edge AI model, the collection pays homage to Abloh's unparalleled vision while signaling a new era of digital collaboration. It's a poignant blend of human genius and technological innovation, encapsulating Off-White's commitment to pushing boundaries even in the wake of profound loss.

jean-Paul Gaultier


In 'Mer-Majesty', Jean-Paul Gaultier dives deep into the world of myth and reality, crafting a line that celebrates the strength and allure of those bound not by the sea, but by land. Drawing inspiration from the ethereal beauty of mermaids, Gaultier designs for the modern-day siren in a wheelchair, ensuring that their unique journey is met with elegance, functionality, and style.

Alexander McQueen

Tidal Transcendence

In 'Tidal Transcendence', Alexander McQueen's house seamlessly bridges the realms of the organic and the digital. Drawing upon the power of a state-of-the-art AI model, the collection breathes new life into McQueen's signature dark romanticism. It's a hauntingly beautiful melding of human artistry and machine precision.

Betsy Johnson


Betsy Johnson's 'Jeté' is a vibrant splash in the face of climate adversity. Staying true to her signature playful style, these lifestyle jackets burst with muted exuberance, frills, and unexpected colors. But beneath the flamboyance lies a deeper message about resilience and adaptation. Johnson's collection serves as a jubilant reminder that even in the face of challenges, fashion can dance, twirl, and leap with joy and purpose.

Stella McCartney x Vlisco


Stella McCartney's 'Eco-Merge' is a tour de force in sustainable fashion, addressing the pressing issue of climate change and urban flooding. Using innovative vegan materials and her signature eco-friendly processes, McCartney crafts lifestyle jackets that are not just functional, but also incredibly stylish.



Bobby Berk's unexpected collaboration with Bass Pro Shops, 'Natür Nouveau', is nothing short of a masterstroke in fashion innovation. Merging Berk's keen eye for modern design with the rugged authenticity of Bass Pro, this line challenges our perceptions, proving that safety, style, and the great outdoors can coalesce into a singular, stunning vision.

Louis Vuitton

L'eau Luxe

Louis Vuitton's 'L'eau Luxe' is a seamless melding of heritage and innovation. Drawing inspiration from the pressing narrative of climate change, this collection reimagines the life jacket as an emblem of luxury survival. With exquisite craftsmanship, monogram motifs, and cutting-edge materials, each piece becomes a beacon of hope and elegance in turbulent times.


Urban Ark

Showcased in an unexpected after-hours setting, with the designer's own circle taking to the makeshift runway, Balenciaga's 'Urban Ark' is a poignant reflection on the challenges and realities of a world grappling with climate change. These pieces, worn by everyday individuals, underscore the shared vulnerability and collective strength of a city and its inhabitants facing rising tides.

Comme des garçon


Rei Kawakubo's 'Waves' for Comme des Garçons is a profound exploration of our shifting relationship with nature. Drawing inspiration from the ever-encroaching tides of climate change, the collection presents life jackets as avant-garde sculptures, challenging our perceptions of safety, style, and sustainability.

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